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London Poundcake (AAA)



Effects – Calming, Creative, Focus, Relaxing, Uplifting

Flavours – Berry, Fruity, Pine, Sweet

THC Level – 26%

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Londa Poundcake is an indica dominant hybrid generated by crossing Sunset Sherbet with another indica dominant hybrid. London Poundcake has a sweet berry and grape flavour with nutty lemon and citrus notes. An earthy and woody perfume with traces of nutty lemon and berries. The London Poundcake high is as delicious as the flavour, with relaxing and elevating effects. The high starts with a mild lift that fills you with a peaceful sense of centred focus, instantly smoothing away negative or racing thoughts. As your mind relaxes, a calming body high will creep up on you, lulling you into a mildly sedative but not sleepy state. London Poundcake is believed to be ideal for experienced patients suffering from diseases such as mood swings, persistent stress, depression, ADD/ADHD, and chronic exhaustion. This bud contains dense olive green nugs with thin orange hairs and a frosty amber crystal trichome covering.