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PACIFIC BUD BOYS | Gas Basket #3 (AAAA+)


Indica Dominant Hybrid
THC: 32%

Body High, Cerebral, Hungry, Relaxing, Uplifting

Citrus, Diesel, Lemon, Sour, Sweet

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Gas Basket #3 is a 70% indica/30% sativa hybrid strain developed by breeding Gas Mask X Green Ribbon BX. Gas Basket #3 is a sour, gassy fragrance with a hint of citrus and robust pungency that may fill a space. On exhale lighter flavour with herbal earthiness, sweet lemon, and sour diesel. Gas Basket #3 high is as expansive as its flavour, with long-lasting cerebral effects. At the start of the high, you’ll feel happiness and ease. This effect will make you stoned and fuzzy. This heady feeling comes with a calming body high that keeps you grounded. Gas Basket #3 is typically used to treat chronic pain, depression, nausea or appetite loss, migraines or headaches, and persistent fatigue. This bud has little olive green nugs with purple overtones, thin orange hairs, and purple crystal trichomes.


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